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Chennaiwebs wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous Pongal! It’s time to celebrate prosperity, May this festival brings all kind of happiness in your life and fills your day with joy. […]

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A Separate URL for mobile is called as Now-a-days a day’s much organization starts targeting mobile user for to provide the best experience for all kinds of category people. When a mobile user arrived at website it recognizes that was mobile user and redirects that kind of people to There will be lots of disadvantage and limitation in websites because so many people accessing the internet via different devices like tablets and smart phones but it give single mobile experience. To overcome this issues responsive web design was introduced it adaptive for all kind of device and screen size. For example if a device have small screen size, the layout may appear smaller and few images and simple navigation menu. But the problem is that how SEO fit in this kind of websites. […]

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Happy New Year Chennaiwebs

Chennai Webs is wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year!!

Start the New Year with a Big Bang!

Even businesses need some New Year resolution to right some wrongs, try new strategies and focus new goals. We wish you all success for the whole year to be filled with lots of positive energy!

Our hearty wishes for the glorious year that will reward all your future aspirations with overwhelming success!

Give your business a fresh start!

Warm wishes, have a blast 🙂

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ppc services in chennai

It is an internet advertisement used to improve the traffic in high ranking level of the website. When the advertisement is clicked the advertiser will pay to the owner it is simply like they need to bring their advertisement to be first. Here two primary models are available PPC those are bit based and flat rate it is determining the potential of click from the given sources. These are constantly proportional with Google guidelines.

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web design company in Kodambakkam

Web design

A web design in Chennai is a planning and creation for all different websites, which includes the architecture, information, layout, imagery, colors and fonts. Design is the key it is a part of web design it has certain principles such as, design element, contrast, the unity, shapes and the texture etc. it has so many different roles they can learn HTML, JAVA SCRIPT, and CSS. The good news is like they will always learn something new that they want to know. They are built on writing about technology and designs in a wide variety of experience they learned throughout. […]

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