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Chennai Webs wishes a very Happy Independence day to all!

Carried with care, coated with pride,

Dipped in love, fly in glory,

Moments of freedom in shade of joy,

Proud to be an Indian.. […]

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Checklist for Better Mobile Landing Page Conversions

Do you know? Over 6 billion Smartphone is in the use worldwide and about 75% of the online searchers get involved into the actions and almost 36% takes action instantly!

Optimizing website for mobile may seem expensive for your small businesses to increase their ROI, but a mobile landing page can save your expenses instead. This is very essential when you want to obtain the maximum ROI. […]

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If your website looks awesome, your services or products give astounding offers, and you are implementing marketing campaigns for your brand exposure, and also all is going well, then why don’t you get enough leads as you expect?


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Responsive Web Design

 Is the responsive website your top this year? If not, you must change your decision in adopting the upcoming web designing techniques in order to make your website shine among the latest trends.

Following is a list of reasons why you must do for responsive web design: […]

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Latest web designing Trends

Web designing is stable in being dynamic. Based on the new creation and innovation many website designs have been launched in 2014, which helps to increase the viewers to the website. The website design should be pleasant and unique cable to change viewers as the customers. Many new trends of 2013 which helpful to many people to change their business into the next level.

Some of the new trends of 2014 it really helpful for the business people. […]

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