Bing Newly Introduced URL Keyword Stuffing Tool for Spam Filtering
by Chennaiwebs

Bing, one of the famous search engine announced that they are planning to rolled out a new specific spam filtering mechanism for common spam technique that arrives in a few month ago called URL keyword stuffing (KWS).

URL KWS is black hat technique that helps to get the website page a higher rank than what it deserves in search results.

It relies on two simple assumptions about the ranking algorithms

    • Exact keyword usages
    • Matching against exact URL in keyword is helpful

The concentration of spammers only is that improving their website impression by performing different spamming method like buying keyword rich domain names.

Here the list of common approaches that spammers uses to get results

  • Multiple keyword rich domain names
  • Domain name with of repeating keywords:
  • URL squatting: This is somewhat difference of previous method, here the spammer uses human tendency of misspelled keyword with thought of grabbing traffic from existing websites.  E.g. (misspelling of

How Bing going to stop these things

Bing did not give the detailed description about their algorithm because of spammers can able to take advantage on that too. But Bing reveals only few things about what are all the signals that going to look in that:

  • Site size
  • Number of hosts
  • Number of words in the domain name path
  • Domain and path keyword co occurrences
  • Domain name that contain certain pattern or combinations (eg.[Year, event | product name],
  • Website content and popularity of signals

Bing illustrates the impact of this spam filtering technique to SEO Community.

Nearly 5Million sites will be affected in Bing search results so that nearly 75% of traffic reduction will be occurring to these sites from Bing.

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