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Running a multinational company is very challenging task for business owner. When it comes to paid search abroad, the challenge becomes very high. International paid networks varies in different aspects like cultures, languages, search engines, targeting options and so on. When these things handled wrong for the brand than this will cause severe damage to the brand name as well as money. […]

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inbox by Gmail

Recently Google launched their new email app that was developed in years of making. The company comes with a new email experience named as Inbox.

The Gmail owner describes Inbox as “a completely different type of inbox that is designed to focus on what really matters a lot”. The main aim of this app is to solve the challenges of abundance email that received in each day. […]

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Bing, one of the famous search engine announced that they are planning to rolled out a new specific spam filtering mechanism for common spam technique that arrives in a few month ago called URL keyword stuffing (KWS).

URL KWS is black hat technique that helps to get the website page a higher rank than what it deserves in search results.

It relies on two simple assumptions about the ranking algorithms

  • Exact keyword usages
  • Matching against exact URL in keyword is helpful


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Chennai Webs wishes a very Happy Independence day to all!

Carried with care, coated with pride,

Dipped in love, fly in glory,

Moments of freedom in shade of joy,

Proud to be an Indian.. […]

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